Our Story

The rolling hills and rugged coastline of the California Central Coast, dotted with ancient oak trees and decorated with the geometric lines of nestled vineyards creates the perfect locale for a good ol' fashioned BBQ with the family.   And that is our culture, which we share with our friends and customers: the friendly comfort of family and food.

Our Chief Pit Master, Brian Stein, came to the area from the East Coast in the early 1980's.  He brought the sophistication and training of the Culinary Institute of America in New York City with him to the unique and rustic beauty of San Luis Obispo County as he began his foodie adventure in California.  Chef Brian's expertise ranges from bagels and NY style deli masterpieces to surf and turf for the finest of occasions, but Santa Maria Style tri tip on an open oak pit is what he is best known for these days as he caters for the masses with his company, Stein's BBQ and Catering.  

Through the years he has been known for his ability to create just the right combination of flavors.  Locals love him for his sweet and savory stuffed pork, and his perfectly spiced beans, and his just-right cuts of beef off the grill.  He delights in providing these favorites for his catering customers at weddings and other special events on the Central Coast.  But one thing ties all these dishes together, his personal blend of seasonings and rubs.

After years of perfecting the combination of fine ingredients with high quality sea salt, he has released his seasonings for the public, so now everyone can share in the flavor of the California Central Coast and be a Pit Master in their own backyard, too.  Join our family by discovering how our seasoning blends bring out the best in your favorite dishes.

Pit Master Brian Stein grilling up some tri tip for the family in Cayucos, California

Pit Master Brian Stein grilling up some tri tip for the family in Cayucos, California

Nancy Stein